Tracy Anderson                                                                


Listen…A Silent Conversation
“What do you want people to understand about you the most?”


My name is Ryan. My goal in life is to constantly understand and improve the world that is around us. It is hard to describe myself without thinking of those who have made me who I am. I believe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I get many traits that make me who I am from my parents. My dad is a very quiet man, but when you do get the opportunity to hear from him, it’s pure knowledge. He is a man who has a lifelong pursuit to improve his skill and knowledge and push his industry. It is very inspiring. I believe I get many traits from my dad. On the other hand, my mom is the social butterfly. She is the nicest person many people meet. She constantly goes out of her way to put smiles on others faces and sets an example of how we should all be. I do not share the extroverted personality with her, but I have learned a few things from being around her. Brightening a person’s day brightens an entire environment, and I believe we are products of said environment. To describe who I am is hard. I believe it is hard for many of us to fully describe something we have become so used to. It is best to look around us and understand how interactions with objects and others have formed us. I have been blessed to have been surrounded by a good family, friends, and lifestyle. They are what is most important to me, and make me who I am today.

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