Tracy Anderson                                                                

Procedures & Fees

The first step is to schedule a meeting to discuss the size, setting and mood of the Portrait. Tracy is flexible regarding travel; the meeting can be held at your location or her studio in Alexandria, MN. Tracy will ask for your preferences and make suggestions regarding clothing, props, background, and whether the setting should be indoors or outdoors. She will discuss the different views such as a Figurative painting vs. a Head & Shoulders painting. Dimensions, framing, and the location where the portrait will be displayed will also be discussed. All of these factors must be considered when deciding the location and poses for the photo session.

The next step is the photo session. Tracy will take as many photos as she feels she needs to capture the mood, the details, and the lighting required to tell the story of your portrait. After careful review of the images, Tracy will work with you to choose the final image to be used as a reference for creating your Fine Art Portrait painting.

When you have made your final image selection Tracy will begin creating your Fine Art Portrait painting at her studio. Depending on the size, complexity, and schedule; the prep and painting process can require a couple of months. When completed, Tracy will contact you to arrange for you to view the portrait for your final approval either by visiting the studio or by photograph.

Contact Tracy for more information.