Tracy Anderson                                                                
Portraits in Oil

Thank you for your interest in a Fine Art Oil Portrait Painting! Whether you choose a head and shoulders image or a full-body Figurative Painting, your Oil Portrait will capture a mood and expression that is uniquely you. The personalized attention to detail and the artist's skill combine to create a portrait that is priceless and destined to become a family heirloom.

Tracy Anderson, Award Winning Artist

When I paint Fine Art Portraits I want to get to know the person I'm painting. It becomes personal. There are things in a person's heart and life that are expressed in their eyes and their countenance. While a photograph captures a moment.....A Fine Art Portrait is an effort to capture one's Heart on canvas; their values, their whole life. So there ought to be a connection between the brush and the canvas that captures the heart and essence of one's life.

There is something infinitely intimate in a Fine Art Portrait, it's hard to explain. Not only of the one being painted, but also of the one holding the brush. If a relational connection can be made between the painted and the painter, what makes its way to the canvas is both magical and mystical. It's beyond words....a Holy expression.

I am drawn to strong shadows and the emotions buried deep within. As I paint what touches my heart, I strive to draw the viewer into the emotion and to connect not with the outward appearance of a subject, but to their inner significance.

Whether I am painting an expressive Fine Art Portrait painting, a Figurative Painting, or a Still Life in a tight or more loose style, it always seems to reflect my inner journey in life. Painting is a way to express my response to the world we live in.

About the Artist

Born in 1966 in Aberdeen, SD, Oil Painter Tracy Anderson has always had a passion for the creative side. Growing up she was often working on wood carving, sculpture, photography and drawing—all of which she still enjoys. After High School, Tracy went on to earn her degree in Interior Design.

Drawn to strong contrast and shadows, Tracy strives to bring emotion and mood to all her paintings. She is drawn to the old masters palette and yet loves to express new ideas with oils by creating drips and runs as you would typically find in watercolor.

The Portrait Process

The first step is to schedule a meeting to discuss the size, setting and mood of the Portrait. Tracy will ask for your preferences and make suggestions regarding clothing, props, background, and whether the setting should be indoors or outdoors. She will discuss the different views such as a Figurative painting vs. a Head & Shoulders painting. Dimensions, framing, and the location where the portrait will be displayed will also be discussed. All of these factors must be considered when deciding the location and poses for the photo session.

The next step is to schedule the photo session. Tracy will take as many photos as she feels she needs to capture the mood, the details, and the lighting required to tell the story of your portrait. After Tracy reviews the images at her studio, she will meet with you so that you may choose the final image Tracy will use as a reference for creating your Fine Art Portrait painting.

When you have made your final image selection Tracy will begin creating your Fine Art Portrait painting at her studio. Depending on the size, complexity, and schedule; the prep and painting process will require a minimum of 2 months. When completed, Tracy will contact you to arrange for you to view the portrait for your final approval either by visiting the studio or by photograph.